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By the time most people start to think about their health they have already lost it. This is usually when disease or dysfunction appears and often involves time in hospital treating that illness. Sadly, as being sick usually incapacitates us and its associated symptoms are painful and unpleasant, most of the medical and our own attention is understandably on the illness. When the symptoms have been suppressed to a sufficient level the patient is allowed to go home. Even more sad is the fact that the cause of the illness person's health has never been focused on, just their level of lack of health, or DIS-EASE. Retreats are fantastic opportunities to focus on HEALTH and WELLBEING. Are one of the best ways to learn how to care for your wellbeing and improve your health. Our negative habits are formed unconsciously over time. It’s not exactly our fault as most of us have never been educated on how we should care for our health from the start of our lives and throughout our life. Functional health instruction is such an vital element of learning how to actually look after out most important asset – our health and wellbeing. 

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Retreats are life changing experiences that teach you how to focus on the nutrients and implement positive habits, whilst identifying the key toxins in our lives and learning how to remove them. This prepares you for new possibilities with your health, wellbeing and levels of energy.

Most retreats are held 3 days, however, 2-3 hour workshops are a great springboard to introducing the increments of change that result in significant transformation in your wellbeing.

Either organize your groups of 6-8 people or register for our next even to start your change today. 


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