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Biohacking and Detoxification with Jason Gilbert

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Jason Gilbert has been a Sports Physician with the World Surfing League for 20 years. He specialises in the restoration of biomechanical function, both for athletes and those who have lost it due to inadequate postural problems. Jason is also a biohacker and human performance optimizer. After overcoming his own challenges and ridding his body from mercury, he now runs detox programs and teaches others techniques that they can implement in their day to day lives as well as more complex procedures for detoxification. When treating his patients, Jason leaves no stone unturned. Educating them on everything from a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices and how they can overcome toxicity and hormonal-related issues. This episode provides a fascinating look at how ridding our bodies of toxins can bring us back to a state of optimal health, plus; - How Jason identified a range of crippling chronic illnesses and what his recovery looked like - Simple techniques to hack our health as well as more complicated ones for more serious illness - How to identify what in our environment is actually causing us to be sick - What Jason’s Detox Programs entail and how you can join - Toxins we don’t even consider toxins - So many wellness tips (stick around till the end for these).


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