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I have always been fascinated by health and how the human body functions. My family owned a health food store when I was younger and I would work there on the weekends and school holidays. Being in that store always excited me. I came in contact with people, who unknowingly to me at the time, would influence me for the rest of my life. Whether it be the elderly clients who would share their tips for longevity and show me what foods and supplements they were taking or the many health professionals sharing their knowledge on how they looked after their patients, my life’s path was set to be caring for people and helping them better understand, regain and maintain their health.

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As a kid I thought back pain was normal.  I suffered it from a very young age and it always followed any physical activity that I would do. A crisis of low back pain when I was 18 coincided with a client from the health food store raving about chiropractic. I visited my local Chiropractor and absolutely loved the idea of helping people’s health improve whilst only using your hands! With time I managed to combine it with something else that I was passionate about-surfing. I have been an official Sports Chiropractor of the World Surf League for 20 years and my work with athletes is the same as the work I do with anyone else- recognize what is compromised and restore normal function. 

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I always tell my clients that pain and illness are a golden opportunity to find the true cause of a problem and as such should not be a practitioner’s main focus of treatment. I had the chance to test that theory first hand when years and years of chronic gastrointestinal problems and many consultations with all sorts of specialists , resulted only in anguish as nobody could find what was wrong. Luckily for me, my Mum mentioned that one of her clients from the health food store had a son with the same problem.  The cause was mercury toxicity.

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As treatment for heavy metal toxicity is largely unknown in the medical community I had to search for someone who knew how to get this extremely dangerous toxin from my body. Through my search I met many incredible functional health practitioners from all around the world. It took 8 year to fully detox and in this time I learnt so much about health and wellbeing, applying these newly learned principals to my own health.

I am almost 50 years old and I can honestly say that I am aging younger. I feel mentally sharp, energetic, my weight is normal, sleep is deep and I am happy.  I feel so much better in every sense than when I was 30 years of age.  If our body is given the correct nutrients and if we remove it from the same environment that is making it sick or function less than optimally, we can age younger. We can have more energy, be more mentally alert and be happier than ever.

It´s time for you to SHINE!

• CHIROPRACTOR - Graduated in 1995

Owner of 4 Clinics in Peru and Brazil;

SPORTS PHYSICIAN - with the World Surfing League

• AUTHOR of the book “The Secret of the Healthy Spine”.

- 2nd edition in Portuguese “O Segredo da Coluna Saudável"

- 1st edition in Spanish “El Segredo de una Coluna Sana"
Presently being translated in to English. 

- Fox Life Brazil of the program  “Saúde Emocional” 
(Translation; “Emotional Health”)


The focus of the program was to interview medical doctors about common, misunderstood themes relating to human health and present easy health habits for the viewers to incorporate into their lives.

• BIOHACKER Jason is constantly researching the latest in health technology and new discoveries regarding  the optimazation of human performance and wellbeing


- Bachelor of Science
Sydney University; 

- Master of Chiropractic – Macquarie University;

- Sports Chiropractor
World Surfing League (WSL);

- Certificate of Acupuncture –  Open University Sri Lanka;

- Specialist in Electro –Acupuncture;

- Live Blood Analyst –
London Live Blood Academy;

- Author “O Segredo da Coluna Saudável” (The Secret of the Healthy Spine) in Portuguese and Spanish. English copy due 2018;

- Motivational Speaker;

- TV Presenter FOX Life Brazil;

- Health Coach;

- Advanced Nutrition Curse, Lair Ribeiro, Brazil;

- Detoxification Specialist

- Certificate Yoga Teacher 

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